Zcoin is sponsoring a prize fund of $21,000 for the development of open source miners for the MTP protocol as implemented in Zcoin.


Winner of CPU miner: USD7,000.00
Winner of AMD GPU miner: USD7,000.00
Winner of NVidia GPU miner: USD7,000.00

The prizes shall be paid in Bitcoin equivalent (Bitstamp pricing) or Zcoin equivalent (Bittrex pricing) at the respective winner’s choice. The price will be determined on the time and date the winners are announced.


Anyone who can speak English and has reached the age of majority in their country of residence. Teams can be formed however one person shall be designated as the contact person and shall be the sole recipient of any prize money. All contestants must have a Github account.

Djm34 as our team’s miner developer is eligible to participate only if the following are satisfied:

Reference miners (unoptimized) given for all CPU, AMD and Nvidia are released by djm34 and open sourced on his public Github with documentation

There is at least one other contestant in the category he competes in. If his is the only submission, the prize money shall be in the judge’s discretion to decide on how it shall be dealt with.


Documentation and completeness:

Accurate and comprehensive documentation included with the submission (e.g., description and rationale of design, expected performance).
Accurate documentation on where the submission may be optimized or improved further.


The submission can be built/run on a variety of systems various popular distributions of Linux (Centos and Ubuntu at the very least)) and Windows. Mac is optional but looked at favorably.

The submissions for CPU would run on modern CPUs in the past 5 years.

The submissions for GPUs can work on a variety of modern GPU cards in general:
AMD Radeon R7 series and up

Nvidia Geforce 700 series and up


Whether the submission has self-testing capabilities or can be easily tested.

This is the most important criteria but not the sole determinant as a miner that cannot be worked on by others upon because of poor documentation or incompatibility with systems is less valuable than a well documented, easily improved upon less performing miner.

The hash rate of the submission over a variety of systems. Please in your documentation provide instructions on intensity/thread settings.
Submission and Deadline

The deadline of submission for this competition shall be the 9th August 2017 6.00PM GMT+8. Early submissions are allowed and will be looked at favorably by the judges.

The MTP code can be obtained from the mtptest Github branch.
Submissions can be amended until the deadline through making commits through the Github repository specified for Challenge purposes.
Other requirements: