Fans are used to trading purchased “tokens” for webcam shows with their favorite porn stars online but now they can take it one step further: trading tokens to interact with adult stars face to face.

Welcome to the exciting new world of Bitcoin. Untraceable and irreversible, this cryptocurrency offers consumers a hassle-free way to make purchases sans digital footprint. Take away the cash and the high-interest credit cards et voila, spending turns into a game—one with plenty of rewards. After all, the best-kept secrets are the ones never told, and these days, the old slogan “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is nothing more than wishful thinking. Less than a third of consumers carry more than $50 in cash, thus leaving a sizeable digital trail with each identifiable purchase.

Touted as the world’s first Bitcoin strip club, The Legends Room in Las Vegas is pushing flesh palaces into the modern era. Offering a limited number of lifetime memberships payable in one flat bitcoin fee—$5,000 for 5,000 LGD, the club’s own virtual currency—this strip club takes the term “club” seriously. Here, adult entertainers appear regularly, with various stars contracted for weekend appearances to hang out and schmooze (stripping encouraged but optional). UFC fighters are also said to be ever-present.

Peter Klamka, the creator of LGD and manager of Legends Room’s cryptocurrency, describes it as a “strip club meets SoHo house” environment with an emphasis on exclusivity, encouraging an atmosphere that’s less about the strip club and more about the VIP aspect. A CEO of Bitcoin Direct, Klamka admits he has zero background in the strip club biz but has joined forces with a veteran in the booty-shaking field, Nick Blomgren. Through their combined expertise they plan to pave a new path for adult entertainment.

What’s this Bitcoin? How does it work and where do I get them? These are the types of questions the young ladies working at Legends are prepared to answer. “While every other place is hassling you for shots, we’ll have a girl walking around with an iPad who can assist you and help you buy bitcoins,” says Klamka. “We also offer private areas where you can discuss digital currency, among other things. We call them ‘conversation rooms.’”

Featuring bitcoin ATMs within the club along with regular cash machines, the women who work here were encouraged to take “Bitcoin training” and according to Klamka, now possess a “master’s degree-level of understanding.”
As far as bitcoins go, “ATM” is something of a misnomer; functionally speaking, it’s more like a vending machine. Instead of pulling out cash, you’re literally buying digital coins. You put money into the “ATM,” hold up your phone, and the machine sends bitcoins directly to your mobile device. It’s like getting tokens at an arcade—except these are digital with a fluctuating exchange rate. “Someone can go into the Legends Room and pay the young ladies by waving their phone over the QR code on her shoulder. It’s the gameification of the club environment.”