The controversial scaling proposal, SegWit2x, is progressing with their plans, following their timeline. Jeff Garzik, Bloq co-founder and SegWit2x lead developer, said in an email that the new code is set to release on June 30, 2017.

Developers first introduced the SegWit2x in 2015, which has been one of the most controversial scaling proposals. Many Bitcoin network’s enterprises and miners commended the proposal, seeing it as a pragmatic solution to the network’s issues in transaction capacity. Of course, there are still those who derided it as a deal that misunderstands the nature of the cryptocurrency development and its intended design.

Despite some opposition, the Bitcoin scaling proposal emerged as unique, bringing together some of the largest contingent companies and mining pools supporting it.

Expectations on the new version
After two weeks of Alpha release testing, Garzik has confirmed the release of SegWit2x new code. This new version is expected to address issues and comments on the previous one and to mark a new phase for the said proposal.

Given that the proposal is supported by a large number of miners, the code could quickly acquire the necessary backing from the network to activate the upgrade.

Later on, if the project furthers as planned, the Bitcoin’s long-awaited scaling optimization availability before August is possible. For now, this improvement or change in the network remains a matter of controversy and critique as enterprises and Bitcoin miners wait for it.