Bitcoins can not be Seized, Frozen or Confiscated

A dawn raid that landed internet mogul Kim Dotcom in jail was timed for his birthday celebration so his party guests could also be locked up.

Police pursued Dotcom through his $30 million mansion to find him sheltering in a panic room where there was a shotgun.

An estimated $17 million in art, cars and cash was seized in Auckland as part of the global operation. More than $100m was seized around the world.

Police moved on Dotcom (also known as Kim Schmitz) at the urging of United States authorities, who shut down Dotcom’s Mega websites – some of the most popular filesharing websites in the world.

In a previously unpublished interview with the Herald on Sunday, Dotcom rejected copyright breaches. He said: “Mega is an online service provider. Mega provides its users with an external hard drive connected to the internet. Not with content.”

His arrest sparked an angry online reaction from hacktivist group Anonymous which began what it called “the single largest internet attack in its history”.

The websites of the US Department of Justice and the FBI, which orchestrated the operation, were among those hacked and taken down.

US authorities moved after gaining an indictment alleging Dotcom, six staff and his companies were in a “Mega Conspiracy” of racketeering, money laundering and copyright breaches worth US$620 million in missed royalty payments.

Kim Dotcom Bitcoin Price

Kim Dotcom Bitcoin Price