Craig Wright, who claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin and the man behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym in May 2016, is facing a $10 billion lawsuit in the state of Florida. The suit is being brought forth by the brother of Dave Kleiman, who Wright has said helped with the development of Bitcoin in the earliest days of its existence.

Although Wright was able to convince well-known Bitcoin community members Jon Matonis and Gavin Andresen of his story regarding the creation of the world’s first widely-used cryptocurrency, the Australian computer scientist backed out of providing cryptographic proof of his claim for the entire world shortly after an initial media storm that involved the use of a PR agency.

In the past, Motherboard reported on the fact that the cryptographic keys originally used to tie Craig Wright to one of Satoshi’s known online identities were likely backdated and pointed to a hoax.

fake signatures

The $10 Billion Lawsuit

The basis for this new lawsuit is that Wright forged signatures and backdated documents in an attempt to obtain billions of dollars worth of bitcoin and intellectual property that were allegedly held jointly by Wright and Kleiman. Court documents allege Wright used a computer-generated font to forge documents with Kleiman’s signature.

The exact amount of bitcoin Wright is said to have taken from Kleiman is unknown. The correct amount is to be figured out in court.

“To accomplish this scheme, he drafted and backdated at least three contracts to create a paper trail purporting to document that many of Dave’s bitcoins and IP rights were to be transferred, sold, and/or returned to himself,” the suit claims.