Another announcement on the Embermine (MBRS) front is the launch of two tokens, DomainToken (DOM) and TokenVerse (TOV). Each of these crypto-assets will have utilities unique to each project. DOM tokens are tokens that can be assigned to encrypting and assigning a domain to that token address, allowing ease of ownership, management, and exchange within the entire digital marketplace.

“TOV tokens will provide holders with the ability to purchase advertising on the site; it will be the only (currently) accepted method of payment. It will also be used for paying all fees, products, advertising royalties, and conducting all manner of transactions within the TokenVerse environment. We will be designing the site to incorporate MetaMask and other forthcoming e-commerce tools to allow the easy payment and receipt of all tokens on or through the site,” says Drake.

Facilitating the launch of these tokens is a new distribution methodology that eliminates any direct exchange of currency (crypto or fiat) seen in other token sales, or “initial coin offerings.” Rather, on a particular date and time, DOM and TOV tokens will be each distributed directly to holders of MBRS at a set proportion.

Director of Research and Development at Embermine, Inc. Garrison Breckenridge:

“Since our intention is for Domain Token and TokenVerse to inter-operate with the Embermine Platform upon its release, it dawned on us that creating a token structure for an ecosystem of applications rather than separate sales for separate projects would help bootstrap the development and value of the ecosystem as a whole.”


TokenVerse (TOV) Token Release: On August 15, 2017 at 12:00PM Central Standard USA time, TOV tokens will be distributed on a 1:2 ratio with MBRS.

DomainToken (DOM) Token Release: On September 1st, 2017, DOM tokens will be distributed on a 1:100 ratio with MBRS.

Full details regarding both projects, as well as the full mechanics regarding the Token Releases will be released on the Embermine website when the Phase 2 corporate site is revealed on August 3rd, 2017 at 12:00PM Central Standard USA Time.