Have you heard of Bitcoin? If you’re a fan of the NBC legal drama The Good Wife, then you may have learned of it for the first time there. But if you’re like most, you probably didn’t know that Bitcoin existed or even what it is. You know of the dollar, the euro and the peso as ways to buy items and get paid for your service, but these fiat currencies as they are called may someday be replaced by a virtual currency that is only in digital form. So, how does it work?

The mechanics behind digital currency appear complicated, but the major problem facing it is easy to understand. What would keep you from using it more than once? Assuming your digital currency was placed in your digital wallet, why couldn’t you send it out to multiple people at the same time? With traditional currency, there is a physical exchange and unless you have exceptional resources that allow you to counterfeit, you can only use it once until you earn it back.