On September 10, cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders from around the world will converge in Beijing, China for the Shape the Future: Blockchain Global Summit. This conference will feature the release of the Bitcoin documentary “Bitcoin: Shape the Future,” the first-ever comprehensive look at the history and evolution of Bitcoin in China since the platform’s inception.

From mining factories to company headquarters to exchanges, twenty-plus industry leaders were interviewed regarding China’s exciting contributions and lasting footprint on the global Bitcoin community. Some of the C-level professionals that participated in the documentary include:

Wu Jihan, CEO of BITMAIN
Liu Yang, CEO of BitKan
Yu Fang, Co-CEO of Bitkan
Li Lin, CEO of Huobi
Wu Gang, CEO of Bixin
Yang Haipo, CEO of ViaBTC

Over 1,000 people including media representatives are expected to attend this first-ever showing at the Summit. BitKan, one of China’s oldest and most highly-respected Bitcoin enterprises is the event organizer and curator of the film.

Sandy Liang, operations director at BitKan, was asked about the documentary.

“Back to early February 2017, our co-CEO Fanny Yu expressed the fact that so much was happening in the Bitcoin community, with lots of people curious, yet there was a major knowledge gap behind it,” she said. “She felt like there was a need for a professional, neutral film that could demonstrate Bitcoin. So we here at BitKan decided to film a serious and professional movie about it, a comprehensive documentary to address this gap.”