Bitcoin investors are still the minority when compared to the total investors worldwide, a recent Global Investor Survey by Monex Group has found.

The study’s findings allude to the unknown nature of Bitcoin:

“We asked retail investors about much-talked-about “virtual currency” such as Bitcoins. The results showed that the percentage of retail investors actually investing is still low, with only 3% of retail investors in Japan and the US, and only 10% of retail investors in China (Hong Kong) answering that they had already invested in virtual currency.”

Investors in Japan more familiar with cryptocurrencies
Around 20% of the total investors in both China and the US do not possess knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

“The study also revealed that many in Japan are familiar with cryptocurrencies, yet they haven’t invested in them yet.”

Embracing Bitcoin
With the developments in the value of Bitcoin, it is possible to see the number of existing investors grow over time. One of the key drivers of this prediction is that Japan has already legalized Bitcoin as an official currency, which can be used as a payment method for day to day purchases.