gAtO tHiNk – money is what keeps score -but after the game is over it all goes back inside the box. We all play the game of money, currency has been around forever when we started to civilize the world the first thing we did was put value on skills then on objects.  Whatever the price in blood, sweat and tears money men though out the centuries have always found a way to keep the control of printing or minting currencies until today. Now the new digital virtual currencies is sweeping the world but like Bitcoins and a few others the bankers have lost control and they will stop at nothing to keep that strangle hold on currency everywhere.

As we research fiat currency we find that he who controls the quantity of bills/currency control everything. Why did the great depression start simple the money men spread rumors to bring down the price of everything so they could buy cheap assets. They control the flow of money and they started to reduce the amount of currencies and the breakdown began.