There’s a lot of focus right now on short-term speculation in the cryptocurrency space. But at some undefined future point, a reversal from speculation to value is going to happen. And when it does, you’ll want to be in the right positions.

Investing exclusively in tokens with real world value creation is the philosophy that my crypto hedge fund, General Crypto, is predicated on. Unless you’re a skilled day trader and don’t mind incredible stress levels, it’s wise to buy-and-hold coins with game-changing value rather than just jumping to and from the flavor of the week.

Analyzing the validity of that value isn’t easy. So I thought it would be interesting to hear what some very smart people who dedicate themselves full-time to crypto are betting on in the long-term.

Here are each of their top three picks that they intend to hold (and not decrease position size) for at least the next two years, and why they believe in them so much.

Food for thought: there is estimated to be around 100 crypto hedge funds currently spinning up in Q3 and Q4 2017. 100! Our fund was featured on Forbes as one of 15. This means a massive on-ramp of institutional capital — the likes of which crypto has never seen before — is about to be opened. And smart money is going to pick the smart cryptos. Here is what myself and nine others think they are going to back.